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Mrs. Chantell Brown Clair

Owner/Montessori Facilitator

 Einstein Montessori Academy was born out of a lifelong passion for children. After a stint in Customer Service Management, I switched to childcare and re-discovered my calling. Einstein Montessori is ran, first and foremost, the way any discerning parent wants their child nurtured and educated. In addition, I am providing the Eastern New Orleans community with a quality, multicultural childcare center that provides for children ages 1 year to 5 years. When I have a moment to myself I enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing with a good book. 

The Teacher

The role of the teacher (or directress, as Dr. Montessori called her) in the classroom is manifold. Her most important job is to foster a kind of learning that satisfies the child’s need to learn for its own sake, not to please others or receive praise. She is trained to observe carefully, to know the different needs of her children and to provide a properly prepared environment for the children’s maximum growth. She demonstrates the correct use of the materials, and guides without interfering with the child’s experience. She ensures that each child progresses through the activities of each curriculum area in the classroom. She sets limits, encourages the hesitant child, diverts the child that has chosen work too difficult, and keeps enthusiasm alive. She is there when needed, but “invisible” when not needed. In other words, she follows the child.

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