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At the heart of the Montessori philosophy is the teacher’s understanding of the nature of the child. Maria Montessori knew that the groundwork for intellectual, spiritual and moral development is laid in the first six years of life. The potential in each child to become an adult of peace and understanding was foremost in her mind; this is especially evident in the writings of her later years. Here at Einstein Montessori we also have a vision of the Montessori child, which is what we want children who spend their early years in our caring environment to grow up to be.

The Montessori philosophy is more than the materials in the classroom, or the teacher giving lessons. It is an attitude toward children, a way of understanding their unique nature and allowing them to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Why us?

The Environment!

Dr. Montessori believed that learning is accomplished by the individual himself. The child learns by means of the materials and his own active experience with them. He also learns from others in the environment. Each Montessori classroom has an age range of three years, which allows older children to teach the younger ones and provides the younger ones with a model for future learning. The teacher prepares the environment and gives the child lessons on how the materials are used, guiding the child through a progression of the activities in each curriculum area of the environment. Given the necessary minimum of stimulating interest in the materials, the child begins to manipulate, discover, and learn for himself.

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